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Thank you for your interest in CANAVUA volunteering! You can find information below on volunteering with us, including various opportunities, incentives, celebrations, and more!

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Volunteer Placement

Involved in all of the organization’s activities, volunteers are the essence of CANAVUA and are at the very heart of our organizational mission. It is thanks to volunteers that CANAVUA’s volunteer work thrives throughout our city.

CANAVUA’s volunteer recruitment strategy enables us to reach out to diverse sources of volunteers. Volunteer roles contribute to the mission of our organization and clearly identify the skills and abilities needed in the community. Volunteer roles involve volunteers in meaningful ways that reflect their skills, needs, interests, and backgrounds. CANAVUA’s volunteers receive an orientation to our organization, policies, and practices, appropriate to each role. Each volunteer receives training specific to his role and individual needs.

National Volunteer Week

During National Volunteer Week, which takes place annually in April, several activities are organized across the country to highlight the invaluable work of volunteers and to articulate our recognition of all that they do.

Headed by CANAVUA in the Francophone community, this week of recognition set the pace for the following activities organized within the Greater Edmonton area:

  • Volunteer Recognition Ceremony
  • Volunteer Brunch
  • Activities with other volunteer groups and communities in the city

Work experience and Volunteer Recognition Program (VRP)

This is a program currently being conducted which assists our volunteers in gaining valuable experience in the non-profit sector and constructing their CVs in preparation for future employment searches. Volunteers can put their professional qualifications to use in order to enrich the different sectors within our organization. Every year in April, we organize a large ceremony and invite dignitaries from both the municipal and provincial levels of government to recognize our exceptional volunteers from the past year.

Family Volunteering

Organizations having recourse to volunteers must accordingly adopt proactive recruitment strategies to establish links with future volunteers. Given that the retention and exhaustion of volunteer resources constitutes an ongoing challenge, the volunteer sector must do more than simply react to these circumstances; it is needful to implement proactive strategies in order to increase the participation of Canadian citizens in volunteering. Adopting proactive recruitment to establish links with future volunteers represents one of these strategies; Adding family units to an organization’s base of volunteers can result in a very positive net effect.

According to the National Inquiry on Family Volunteering (Volunteers Canada), family volunteering serves as a short term solution to the problem of retaining volunteers because it exponentially multiplies the volunteer base of an organization and assures the influx of new participants. Those who volunteer during childhood are more likely to do so again in adulthood. This capacity to participate allows families to spend valuable time together, in contact with the community as a whole, without sacrificing other aspects of family life; together, then, can they enrich their collective experience. The time has come for this exciting new trend to become a recognized practice within the sphere of volunteer management.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

For more volunteer opportunities, visit our Services or Programs pages.