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Promoting volunteerism in Alberta

Canadian Volunteers United in Action Society (L’Association des Volontaires unis dans l’action au Canada), or CANAVUA, is a philanthropic association administered by volunteers. The principle which underlies all our endeavours of community support is that of solidarity. CANAVUA facilitates the connection between volunteers seeking volunteer placements and organizations in search of volunteers. Our mandate is to promote volunteerism in Alberta, primarily within the Francophone community. To do this, we recruit, train and deploy volunteers to serve in our various projects.

CANAVUA establishes links between candidate volunteers and community organizations. We recruit and train volunteers with the end of solidarity borne closely in mind. CANAVUA assigns volunteers first and foremost to projects organized by our community partners (community associatoins, hospitals, administrative bodies, businesses, etc.).

At CANAVUA, it’s time to volunteer!