About Us

CANAVUA is a community based, full- service volunteer institution that provides a range of food ,housing and volunteer services to its underserved members across Alberta. With more than 1000 volunteers in the francophone community. CANAVUA is Alberta’s largest francophone organization in Alberta.

Canadian Volunteers United in Action Society, created in 2010 (L’Association des Volontaires unis dans l’action au Canada), or CANAVUA, is a philanthropic association administered by volunteers. The principle of solidarity underlies all of our community support work. One of CANAVUA’s primary purposes is focused on providing affordable housing and helping to reduce social, economic and community disadvantage, and help alleviate food insecurity across vulnerable populations.

Major Transformations at CANAVUA

Over the Last Two Years CANAVUA has undergone significant transformations that have significantly strengthened our ability to provide essential services to the community. Through the execution of two major projects, we have improved our human and organizational infrastructure, allowing us to increase our impact on vulnerable populations.

Projects and Funding

  1. “Aging well at home” project: Funding of $800,000
  2. Youth project with Canada Service Corps: Funding of $227,000

These projects, totaling nearly a million dollars, have been the driving force behind our recent transformations.

Major Transformations

  • Acquisition of 2 Vans for the Transportation of Seniors and Volunteers

    In order to facilitate the mobility of our seniors and volunteers, we have acquired a van specially dedicated to their transport. It allowed:
    • An increase in access to services for seniors.
    • Increased participation of volunteers in our various initiatives.
  • Acquisition of a Community Food Truck

    To meet the food needs of vulnerable populations, we purchased a food truck. This vehicle allowed us to:
  • Prepare and distribute nutritious meals to people in need.
  • Reach hard-to-reach areas with mobile distribution capability.
  • Expansion of Our Rental Spaces

    With our activities and staff increasing, expanding our rental space was essential. This expansion included:
    • New offices to accommodate our growing team.
    • Meeting and training rooms for our various programs and workshops.
  • Expansion of Our Rental Spaces

    With our activities and staff increasing, expanding our rental space was essential. This expansion included:
    • New offices to accommodate our growing team
  • Offer to Acquire Land for the Construction of Affordable Housing Queen Alexandra Project

    In a very competitive call for tenders process, the City of Edmonton awarded us land for the construction of 40 affordable housing units. This project aims to:
    • Providing safe and affordable housing for struggling families and individuals.
    • Contribute to reducing homelessness and improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable.

Impact of Transformations

These transformations have had a significant impact on our organization and our ability to serve the community:

  1. Increased Service Capacity: With the van and food truck, we were able to expand our reach and provide essential services more efficiently.
  2. Reinforced Infrastructure: The expansion of our rental spaces has allowed for better internal organization and a work environment more conducive to collaboration and innovation.
  3. Major Projects: Acquiring land for affordable housing is a major step toward achieving our mission of providing sustainable solutions to housing problems.

Over the past two years, CANAVUA has significantly transformed its infrastructure and operational capabilities. These improvements have not only strengthened our ability to serve vulnerable communities, but have also positioned CANAVUA as a key player in the field of social services in Edmonton. We are proud of our accomplishments and are committed to continuing to innovate and adapt to better meet the needs of our community.