About Us

CANAVUA is a community based, full- service volunteer institution that provides a range of food ,housing and volunteer services to its underserved members across Alberta. With more than 1000 volunteers in the francophone community. CANAVUA is Alberta’s largest francophone organization in Alberta.

Canadian Volunteers United in Action Society, created in 2010 (L’Association des Volontaires unis dans l’action au Canada), or CANAVUA, is a philanthropic association administered by volunteers. The principle of solidarity underlies all of our community support work. One of CANAVUA’s primary purposes is focused on providing affordable housing and helping to reduce social, economic and community disadvantage, and help alleviate food insecurity across vulnerable populations.

In 2019, CANAVUA decided to double its investment in infrastructure , learning and development by 2022. This decision affirmed CANAVUA’S belief in the connection between underserved youth and families to adequate resources in the community, and was reached following the creation of an organizational accountability framework examining , and capability within the organization. The increased investment in infrastructure and learning is spread across an number of external program including food security, student-led applied research, leadership, and advocacy work has been foundational to CANAVUA food security initiatives and will continue to inform, advise, and activate various best practices and solutions towards CANAVUA food security. In addition, in-house learning programs cover a variety of topics,including leadership development,management training. The organization has built an online skills inventory and provides career planning services to francophone youth in Edmonton throughout the current EDSC project: Dynamik!Bénévolat et préparation de carriere (Canada Service Corp) . In-house learning and volunteer placement at CANAVUA is aligned with Canada Service Corps objectives by empowering youth to engage in service that encourages youth to give back to the community. There is also a noticeable shift at CANAVUA toward offering more informal and experiential learning through coaching and internship opportunities. The final piece of the new learning and development vision at CANAVUA focuses on accountability.Although the learning and development team is responsible for developing and providing learning opportunities ,managers are accountable for ensuring that employees and volunteers receive the development they need. The new level of responsibility represents a significant change in the manager’s role. CANAVUA has supported this change by providing development opportunities through the Community Service Recovery Fund 2023. The goal of the program is to ensure these new responsibilities are clarified for management and that they have the right tools in place to provide support to employees and volunteers. CANAVUA has been ranked as one of Good Food organization of Community Food Centre Canada in 2021 and innovative ,dynamic, and progressive non profit in Edmonton